Committed green packaging, leading low-carbon life
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Jiurong Packaging
Based on sustainable development
We advocate and lead a green and low-carbon lifestyle, go all out to protect the ecology of sustainable development.
Jiurong Packaging
Based on sustainable development
Make the world greener
Our sustainability strategy is not just to run our own company with environmental responsibility, we also provide solutions to help you achieve this goal through environmentally friendly, practical and sustainable food packaging products and services.
Benefit our future Generations
Our strategic goal of sustainable development is derived from the company's core values of "Honesty, Responsibility, Innovation and Win-Win". We insist on achieving the balance of economic growth, social development and environmental protection through sustainable development, striving to achieve the win-win development of society, environment and enterprises, and ensuring that our actions today will not harm the interests of the next generation.
Four long-term commitments
to sustainable development
Sustainable Development Report
Read the 2021 Sustainability Report to learn about Jiurong's efforts in sustainability.
View the 2021 Sustainability Report