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Social&Enviromental Responsibility
Take responsibility and push the world forward development
Jiurong packaging will be duty-bound to assume the social responsibility as an enterprise, to contribute to our strength
Social&Enviromental Responsibility
Take responsibility and push the world forward development
Create positive impact Jiurong packaging corporate social responsibility has always been around social, community, and environment of three key elements, the deepening of corporate social responsibility in the local practice, the concept of sustainable development into every aspect of business operations, stick to the way of corporate responsibility, at the same time of gain fruitful results, for the sustainable development of China's social accumulation dynamics.
Production safety Safety is the life of corporate and safe production is the cornerstone of
sustainable development of corporate
Safety is the life of corporate, and safe production is the cornerstone of sustainable development of corporate. Jiurong is well aware of the importance of a safe working environment for employees, so we make continuous efforts and always implement the comprehensive policy of "safety first, prevention first". Strengthen staff drills and awareness, enhance the ability to respond to hazards, carry out a number of safety supervision, continuous improvement of hidden dangers, for all employees to create the best workplace, and through the ISO4001 environmental management system certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification, to ensure that the corresponding standards and requirements.
image Environmental protection Green and harmony is the eternal theme of the earth environmental protection and safety is the consistent commitment of Jiurong packaging Jiurong packaging has always been strict with itself with high standards, integrating the concept of green energy saving and environmental protection in all aspects of product design, production, sales, recycling and enterprise operation to minimize the impact on the environment and achieve a harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.
Take care of Employees Jiurong regards employees as the core capital of the company. Good corporate development prospect, broad personal career platform, harmonious and simple interpersonal relationship, unique and excellent enterprise culture are the core elements of Jiurongcohesion.
image The company actively organizes COVID-19 vaccination and builds an immune barrier In order to further normalize the prevention and control of COVID-19, effectively reduce the risk of novel coronavirus transmission, protect the health of employees, jointly build an immune barrier for all, and contribute to the overall victory of national epidemic prevention and control, the company has actively responded to the call of the government and organized all employees to receive COVID-19 vaccine on a voluntary basis. To view more >>
Social participation Jiurong packaging constantly pursues innovation and progress Actively fulfills its corporate responsibilities, and is committed to creating value for the society, making contributions and giving back to the society as much as possible.
image Concentric disaster resistance, active contributions to strength In July, several parts of Henan province were hit by historically rare and persistent heavy rainfall, resulting in severe waterlogging and rare floods. Knowing that some areas were seriously affected, JiuRong packaging responded quickly and donated RMB 100,000 to The Zhengzhou Red Cross society to supplement the flood control materials at the front and make a contribution to the people in the disaster area. To view more >>
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