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Caring for Employees
Enhance corporate cohesion
Employees are the precious wealth of Jiurong, who are the main force for us to achieve sustainable development.
Caring for Employees
Enhance corporate cohesion
Caring for employees, creating a happy enterprise
Jiurong has always been committed to providing thoughtful and comprehensive employee benefits, involving all aspects of employees' work and life, allowing employees to feel the meticulous care, and allowing employees to always feel the company's care for employees.
Training Development
"Jiurong attaches great importance to the learning, development and improvement of employees in the company. Through various trainings provided to employees, employees in corresponding positions in the company can receive corresponding training, so that "people are suitable for their jobs, and their jobs are worthy of them."
We have also formulated trial evaluation and training for new employees. During the probation period, we will provide more guidance and support, make the new employee be a full member evaluation more objective, rigorous and standardized.
Team building
Jiurong has been continuously improving the construction of its employee welfare system and regularly organizing team building.
Through tourism and team building, it effectively improves and strengthens the personal psychological quality of employees, mobilizes work enthusiasm, relieves work pressure, promotes inter-departmental communication, enhances team cohesion, and continues to make efforts to create a healthy, friendly and harmonious working atmosphere.
Holiday welfare
Jiurong has always been adhering to the employee-centered concept and attaches great importance to humanistic care for employees. On special festivals, Jiurong will organize  activities or give gifts to all employees to make them feel the warmth of the company.
In order to improve employee welfare, convey Guangzhou's policies on talent introduction and social welfare improvement, Jiurong actively help employees to submits materials and review, and strives for more benefits and convenience for employees.
Jiurong provides benefits for employees' children to apply for admission, and assists qualified employees' children to submit materials for examination and apply for compulsory education to enroll nearby. Jiurong helps employees' children to go to school, enjoy better education services, and make employees' lives more comfortable.