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Sustainable Services
Working together for a sustainable future
We are committed to helping companies integrate sustainability into all aspects of their business and operations, creating and realizing new value.
Sustainable Services
Working together for a sustainable future
Sustainability is imperative
With the development of the Internet and the acceleration of people's work rhythm, takeout has become an indispensable part of our life, and takeout economy has become a hot economy.
In our country, the scale of takeout is more than 2 billion RMB a day. Because a large number of takeout packages are disposable plastics, the white garbage produced greatly aggravates the environmental burden.
Work together with Jiurong to help enterprises accelerate sustainable transformation
Jiurong Packaging actively uses technology to innovate, and develops innovative packaging solutions for all kinds of food that are both sustainable and functional, improving the efficiency of resource use and reducing the impact on the environment. To help enterprises integrate sustainability into their business, promote the sustainable development of the environment and resources, and thus help customers achieve social responsibility and sustainable development transformation.
Endless service and pursuit of sustainable value
Jiurong is actively committed to the sustainable development of food packaging. In Jiurong's view, high-standard, forward-looking and leading services have become an integral part of Jiurong's packaging products. The products we promote are not a specific product, but an overall solution and service.
Use of resources responsibly
We pursue perfection tirelessly, integrate the concept of sustainability into every stage, make every effort to help customers achieve sustainable growth in product quality and competitiveness, provide customers with appropriate environmentally friendly food packaging solutions, minimize the impact of packaging on the natural environment, provide healthier and safer food packaging, and strive to build a better green and sustainable world.
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