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The 130th Canton Fair ended successfully, we reviewed wonderful moment of Jiurong Packaging
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On October 19th, the 130th Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex.


The current Canton Fair was held from October 15th to 19th, online and offline. The offline exhibition,which set up 51 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of goods, attracting more than 7,800 companies to participate.There are 26,000 companies and global buyers participated in Exhibiting onlin.


A dazzling array,strength of developing fans





As a responsible environmentally and friendly food packaging company, Jiurong Packaging is committed to advancing the concept of green and low-carbon environmental protection. We regard energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection as our responsibility, and integrate the concepts of energy conservation, emission reduction as well as circular economy into every aspect of packaging products.We show the world the infinite possibilities of environmentally friendly food packaging in the future.


These environmentally friendly food packaging not only fundamentally ensure food safety, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste, which is in line with the future development trend of global food packaging, as well as attracting many domestic and foreign buyers to visit, and the site is well received.


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/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20211019-007.jpg

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20211019-008.jpg



Exhibition live streaming,two-pronged approach


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20211019-009.jpg


Jiurong participated in the Canton Fair both online and offline, and had different duty schedules for buyers in different countries. We made targeted product promotion and live broadcast scheduling, as well as arranged professional staff to conduct live broadcasts to introduce products to customers around the world.


Interview moment,Wonderful review


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20211019-010.jpg


On the day of the launch, Jiurong booth attracted reporters from the public channel of Guangdong TV Station to report. Our deputy general manager and product manager Miss.Yang introduced our environmentally friendly food packaging to media reporters who came to interview.

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20211019-011.jpg

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20211019-012.jpg


The 130th Canton Fair is the first offline Canton Fair after the epidemic, and it is also a landmark international trade event. In the future, Jiurong Packaging will make persistent efforts, continue product innovation, increase sales performance, as well as create foreign trade as our long-term goal.


Finally, I wish our Canton Fair will be better and better, and create another peak after another.

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