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A successful conclusion of NRA Show 2022
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On May 24th, the NRA Show 2022 ended successfully at the Chicago McCormick Exhibition Center.


As one of the most important catering and hotel supplies trade shows in the world, the NRA SHOW held in Chicago has attracted the attention of people in the global catering industry. It is reported that the exhibition has more than 2,200 exhibitors and 67,000 buyers from around the world.



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Deeply cultivate green packaging, lead low-carbon life


Back in 2018, European Union announced it wanted to ban 10 single-use plastic items, including plastic straws, tableware and cotton swabs, which it said accounted for 70 percent of total beach litter. The global consumption of plastic straws is staggering, and plastic waste harms marine life and threatens human health. Saying "no" to plastic food packaging is a big issue related to human health and the ecology of the earth.


Jiurong Packaging is committed to providing consumers with innovative solutions for green and healthy environmental protection food packaging . At this exhibition, the main concept of " replacing plastic with paper ", and exhibited a variety of environmentally friendly tableware products , attracting many customers to consult, It has been highly concerned and fully affirmed by the buyers who came to participate.



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Replacing plastic with paper to protect the earth's environment


Jiurong Packaging products include paper straws, paper lunch boxes, paper plates, paper cups, paper bags and sugarcane series, providing one-stop environmentally friendly food packaging solutions. By bringing more environmentally friendly and practical sustainable food packaging products and services to everyone, we meet the needs of enterprises for sustainable development.


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For example, the paper straws of Jiurong packaging have passed the ok home composting certification, which means that our paper straw products can not only guarantee compostability in industrial compost plants, but also can be composted in home gardens where the conditions are not easy to control and the decomposition rate is slow. Compostability is guaranteed.


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Degradable paper straws

The raw material of the product is environmentally friendly food-grade degradable kraft paper, which is degradable and pollution-free, effectively reducing white pollution, allowing the straw to come from nature and return to nature.

At present, it has passed a number of authoritative certifications and meets various testing standards.



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Eco-friendly paper box

The food-grade paper is used as the raw material for the paper box, which is safe, environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. Not only is it waterproof and oil-proof, but it can also be heated in the microwave or refrigerated.


It can also be degraded by household composting or industrial composting without causing pollution to the environment after using.



Time flies, Although the exhibition has ended, the excitement will continue.

See you in Chicago in 2023.


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About Jiurong Packaging


Guangzhou Jiurong Packaging Co., Ltd., established in 2006, adhering to the green development concept of health, low carbon and environmental protection, has always focused on the design, development and manufacture of environmentally friendly food packaging, and produces environmentally friendly products including paper products, degradable coating products for food packaging products, such as paper straws, paper boxes, paper cups, paper bags, etc.


In the future, Jiurong Packaging will continue to adhere to innovation-driven comprehensive solutions for environmental protection packaging, and promote the development of a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle of "replacing plastic with paper", so that environmentally friendly food packaging can originate from nature and return to nature.



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