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At the 131st Canton Fair, Jiurong Packaging Will Meet You Again in the Cloud
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Time likes a long river, with no source before and no end after. Time likes a sharp arrow, fleeting, waiting for no man.


In the twinkling of an eye, one third of 2022 has passed. As COVID-19 continues to hive around the world, the epidemic has had a certain impact on the lives of all parts of the world. All walks of life have been affected to varying degrees, and are also facing hitherto unknown challenges.


In face of challenges, we are still full of confidence. 

Due to the continuous impact from COVID-19 of the world, the first Canton Fair of this year will be held online. This is the fourth cloud fair on the Internet since the outbreak.


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Preparing the “cloud exhibition” of the Canton Fair for the forth time, employees of Jiurong Packaging are already familiar about it.


The accumulated experience has made us more fully prepared. In order to bring a smoother viewing experience to the audience, we have upgraded a number of live streaming equipment this time, and strive to show the products to customers for detailed explanation at any time in the process of real-time live broadcasting.


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Live schedule


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The 131st Canton Fair will be held online on April 15th. At that time, Jiurong Packaging will bring you the latest and most complete products. We warmly welcome all merchants and friends to lock Jiurong booth in advance. Be there or be square!


Step of livestream:


step 1:

scan the QR code

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/web.png

or log in the website


step 2:

choose “log in” ,

fill in the information and log in to your conference account

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/220413-step2 en.png


step 3:

choose “live”

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/220413-step3 en.png



In this Canton Fair, Jiurong Packaging launches VR exhibition, allowing you to walk into Jiurong Packaging Company and enjoying a new, marvelous and ungraded visiting experience.


How to enter VR showroom

scan this QR code

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/VR.png

or log in the website


Introduciton of our products


In the view of Jiurong, no matter in what form to participate in the Canton Fair, product quality is always the signboard of the enterprise.

After 16 years of accumulation, Jiurong has focused on the field of environmental protection food packaging, continuously accumulating experience and polishing the team to achieve independent innovation and development in the whole chain of environment protection food packaging design, R&D and manufacturing, which also makes preparations and accumulation of the layout in the field of environmental protection.


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/220413-our factory en.jpg


Looking ahead to the development trend of The Times in the food packaging industry, Jiurong has continuously improved product quality and service capabilities. It has passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, BSCI Social Responsibility Certification, BRC-A Certification, FSC Forest Management Council Certification, FSSC22000 Food Safety System Certification, HACCP Food Safety Management System Certification and the world’s first Home Composting Certificate.


About Jiurong

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/220413-5.jpg

Guangzhou Jiurong Packaging Co. Ltd., founded in 2006, adhering to the concept of healthy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly green development, has always focused on the design, development and manufacture of environmentally friendly food packaging products, including paper products , degradable coating products and other environmentally friendly food packaging products, such as paper straws, paper lunch boxes, paper cups, paper bags, etc..

To drive comprehensive solutions of environmental protection packaging with innovation, promote the development of green and environmental protection lifestyle of “paper instead of plastic”, so that environmental protection food packaging can come from nature and return to nature.


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