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Plastic reduction starts with drop by drop
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For the convenience of human life, many plastic products came into being. From industrial production to clothing, food, housing and transportation, plastic products are almost everywhere, and plastics are difficult to degrade naturally. They can exist for hundreds or even thousands of years.


As the standard of drinks, plastic straw has become a common product for consumers. However, with the formal entry into force of the "straw plastic restriction" this year, the use of non degradable disposable plastic straw has been banned in the catering industry across the country.


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Recently, according to the official microblog of Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau, a bakery in Shanghai was fined 10000 yuan for providing non degradable disposable plastic straws, which violated the relevant provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, becoming the first case in China to be issued a ticket.


Disposable plastic straw seems insignificant, but its harm to the environment can not be underestimated. Disposable plastic straw is mainly made of polypropylene material, which is very difficult to degrade naturally, and the consumption is huge, which brings a great burden to environmental governance.


Under the background of environmental protection, the plastic industry is facing complete subversion. The industrial revolution of paper products has come. Of course, the upgrading of straw products is imperative.



Jiurong Packaging -- committed to environmental protection food packaging


As a global food packaging integrated solution service provider, Jiurong Packaging has long been aware of the environmental pollution brought by plastic straws, and began to continuously invest in the field of environmental protection and new packaging materials, focusing on the research and development of degradable straws, so as to contribute to sustainable development and green life.



Degradable straw - paper straw


With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, it is a general trend to use paper straw instead of plastic straw. The paper straw is made of paper. It is an environmental protection straw. The used waste paper straw can be composted and recycled as industrial paper. It will not cause any pollution to the environment and is more conducive to green and sustainable development.


Paper straw is made of paper. It is an environmental protection straw. The used waste paper straw can be recycled as industrial paper after household composting or industrial composting. The paper products are recycled for at least 7 times from primary pulp to multiple recycling, which has more advantages and competitiveness in low-carbon economy and is more conducive to green and sustainable development.


Jiurong degradable paper straw, using FSC certified paper as the main material, has passed the Chinese paper food safety standard and meets the food grade standards of FDA, EU and LFGB in Germany. It is safe, environment-friendly and pollution-free. It has relatively good waterproof performance, bright color and full texture. It has higher cost performance than other non plastic straw.


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Degradable straw - PLA straw


PLA polylactic acid biomass straw uses renewable plant resource lactic acid as raw material. After use, it can be degraded within 180 days under industrial composting conditions, effectively avoiding the problem of white pollution caused by plastic products.


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By using degradable straw, we can not only provide health for consumers, but also contribute to the green earth!

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