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Continuous Learning, Jiurong Packaging Group Construction Activity Was Successfully Completed
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In order to better understand the paper cup production process and technology of Huadu factory, expand our horizons, enhance professional awareness, enhance the communication between teams, increase cohesion and enrich collective life, Guangzhou Jiurong Packaging Co., Ltd. arranged a different group construction activity on January 15. This group construction was combined with visiting Huadu factory and group expansion activities to teach and have fun.


1. Visit the workshop


In the morning, the partners of Jiurong Packaging came to Guangzhou Leepack Industrial Co., Ltd. together. Li and colleagues of Leepack warmly welcomed us.


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (9).jpg


Under the leadership of Leepack colleagues, Jiurong's small partners visited the workshop in batches. The introduction of the team leader made everyone have a more specific understanding and understanding of the products and an in-depth understanding of the production process line of the products.



/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (2).jpg


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (3).jpg

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (4).jpg


Thanks Leepack for providing Jiurong Packaging with a visit and learning opportunity. Everyone said that he or she had benefited a lot from this visit and was deeply inspired. At the same time, they were also amazed by the automatic production process of the factory.



2. Delicious lunch



/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (11).jpg


The lunch atmosphere was particularly harmonious. Everyone shared their work experience and interesting life stories with each other in laughter.



3. Discussion and exchange


After lunch, the meeting continued.


President Li of Lino patiently answered the questions raised in the notice of the business department, analyzed and compared the advantages and uses of different products for everyone, and let the partners know more about the products after visiting.


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (10).jpg



4. Fruit and vegetable picking


Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and listening to the voice of nature, this league building activity has unknowingly come to the last activity link - fruit and vegetable picking. We usually sit in the office for a long time. This team building can not only experience the fun of picking and breathe fresh air, but also let children have a long experience, exercise and have close contact with nature.


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (1).jpg


The time of the day ended in laughter. When night fell, everyone set foot on the way home with all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.



/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (5).jpg


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (6).jpg


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (7).jpg

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/NEWS/Corporate News/20220117- (8).jpg


We are full of diligence every day in Jiurong Packaging. I hope the partners of Jiurong Packaging will work together to build a better future!


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